Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My driveway became a house of prayer last night when at 3:30am Mike Chandler came by to drop off a chainsaw. I was still up packing, so I went out to meet him and he met me with a prayer. Then after the sun came up Greg came and encouraged my wife and I in the same spot. Later that morning I prayed with Jaynee and Megan. When Tim dropped off Chalon he led the whole group in prayer before he had to head to work. John Heck and Dick Ady dropped by for prayer just as we were loading up. Then James and Greg caught us at Vern's to annoint our trip with prayer. Before today I never considered my driveway a holy place, but now I feel deferently. I was amazed as God sent messenger after messenger to bless us. And not only that, we have been encouraged by an outpouring of funds and equipment. Thank you all for your help, support and prayers.

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