Monday, August 08, 2005

Griffin the Great

I was pretty sure that this little guy would steal my heart, I just wasn't sure how quickly. Since I have been here I have been consistently amazed at his fun loving spirit. Every time I turn around he is off on a new adventure. When the pace seems to slow around the Colorado Hill’s house, Griffin will ask for his guitar and demand that some of uncle Cody’s old records (CCR, The Commadores, Eagles, etc) be cued up for him to jam with. No member of the house is excluded and all are made to dance along with his smile-filled crooning.

He is also charged with keeping track of all the house members and will often ask about the whereabouts of missing family. “Where is Auntie C?” “Where’s Sinopah?” “Where’s Tina?”. And when he finds someone or someone comes home, he is the first to offer a heart-felt greeting—“HI! Dad.”

I’ve detected a bit of mischief in him as well and predict that soon he will be a jokester/prankster like his dad. There is a playful heart behind his eyes and I’m guessing it will soon manifest itself in some big laughs.

But, if I had to pick one of my favorite things about him, it would be his volume. He is often a loud kid, along the lines of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. And to his parent’s credit, well-meant, appropriate loudness is tolerated. Which I think is great and the 2 of us have raised the roof together on more than one occasion.

It is not just my heart he’s captured though, it seems the entire Hill family is pretty fond of this new addition and in my opinion he fits in perfectly. Welcome to the family Little G.


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