Monday, July 18, 2005

Wall Raising

Click the image to see a more detailed version.
My neighbor took these pics while we hoisted the wall. It took 6 pulleys, 4 guys, 1 girl and 2 trees.


Blogger Paula said...

Hi, J! It's me, Paula! And I think it is the coolest thing in the world that you are a grown-up and you're building a tree house! OK, not really. The coolest thing in the world is that I'm getting married in 67 days. Your treehouse can be the second coolest.

Tue Jul 19, 03:51:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Steven said...

Right on!

You make me want to go out and build a treehouse in that little dogwood tree we bought during lunch last summer. Of course, the tree is so small it would have to be a squirrel or bird tree house. ;-)

Enjoy the freedom!!

Wed Jul 20, 02:15:00 PM PDT  

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