Thursday, October 13, 2005

Long Time Coming

My dog has been very patient over the last 6 months as I torturously work over her head and out of her reach. If you've spent any time with Labradors you know that they long to be with their owners--you will always find Sinopah in the same room as me. So, when I started climbing that evil ladder and leaving her behind she was faced with a challenge. At first she would bark at me to come down, and then she would just wait lying in the sun at the base of the tree for me to return.
Well, this week I finally finished the staircase to heaven and she can join me in my room in the sky. Her energy and intensity are magnified up here as she wags her tail for butt-scratches and watches the kids, dog-walkers and squirrels that she could never see when she was tethered to the ground. Sometimes I catch her gaurding our lawn from the landing in the middle of the stairs, I wonder what the other dogs think when they come by and see a dog 10 feet up in the air?

I'm working on the stair railings for the rest of the week and then I can begin putting in the windows and door. (Just in time too, the rain has already begun to fall.)

Welcome to the treehouse my friend. I'm sure we are in for some grand adventures up here.


Blogger kristi w said...

Perfect cartoon attachment! Hope you all have tons of fun.

Fri Oct 14, 10:34:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Matt Tibbles said...

Ah. . .a fellow lab owner.

Sat Oct 15, 09:23:00 PM PDT  
Blogger rebecca marie said...

in looking back, this one made me particularly sad. look at pup-pups face. it's like she knew.

(private message to her... don't worry girl! your daddy will build it back... better and safer for you!)

Fri Dec 09, 06:59:00 AM PST  

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