Monday, March 07, 2011

Days 5 & 6 - No Cars

Weekdays are the easiest since we were already mostly commuting to work via public transportation. All we had to to was leave 15 minutes earlier in the morning and we were sans car.

The weekends are a different story. We never ride public transportation on the weekend--and we go lots of places. Here is a list of where we went this weekend:

Division Street Movie Theater (Jason)Rode with Josh
Timberline Lodge (Jason)Rode with Darren
Wedding (Christa)77 Bus
Mosaic (Jason)77 Bus
Wells Fargo (Jason)Walked
Hollywood Burger Bar (Jason)Walked
Memorial service at the Lucky Lab (Jason)70 Bus
Memorial service at the correct Lucky Lab in Multnomah Village (Jason)rode with a new friend I made who also went to the wrong Lucky Lab
Return trip home (Jason)44 Bus, MAX
Safeway (Christa)Walked

You may have noticed that "No Cars" means that we don't use our cars. We are more than happy to ride in someone else's car. In fact, after only one week of not using our cars, riding in someone's car seems luxurious. You may have also noticed that we didn't go anywhere together this weekend. Christa has been sick and only went out because she didn't want to miss that wedding and she needed to do some shopping. (I, on the other hand, partied like Charlie Sheen.)

Looking forward to getting back into the week and some shorter trips.


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