Thursday, March 03, 2011

Day 3 - No Cars

Christa gets the MVP award today. It was her turn at the office to bring snacks and cake for someone's birthday. So, yesterday she took a shuttle from UoP to New Seasons to do her shopping. She ordered a cake from Helen Bernhard Bakery and in order to pick it up before work, caught a Halsey bus 30 minutes before our usual departure. There is a bus stop for the 77 right in front of the bakery, so she exited one bus, picked up the cake, and then rode the next one. She arrived on time to work with a backpack full of snacks and her hands full of cake.

If I'm picking teams to make the most of public transit, I choose Christa.


Blogger Leo said...

Nice! Way to go the extra mile (so to speak!).

Sat Mar 05, 06:21:00 AM PST  

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